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With 3 Restaurants in Punjabi Bagh, Brothers Make Rs. 10 Crore/Year

| Published on March 10, 2021

Born in a business family, you might want to take it forward or start something adventurous of your own. This is the story of the Sarin brothers – Akash, Rahul, and Shaan – who wanted to cater to different audiences for their restaurants. By renting a flat in Punjabi Bagh, they took three floors to cater to children, young adults, and adults, and now make revenue up to Rs. 10 crores a year.

They launched 3 restaurants on each of these floors. You might recognize them by the names of TEO lounge and Bar, The Dineroom, and Cartooney Planet. While TEO caters to the crowd that loves to party, The Dineroom is for those who enjoy a peaceful meal with family and friends. Cartooney Planet is aimed solely towards children, with a kid-centric menu filled with snacks and desserts.

A Look Into TEO

The Sarin brothers wanted to take a unique approach by fighting competition with other loungers at Punjabi Bagh. Thus, TEO was established with the biggest lounging space, equipped with a rooftop. For two people, you can expect a bill of approximately Rs. 2,200 inclusive of alcohol.

A Look Into Cartooney Planet

Rahul Sarin had the idea behind this kid-friendly restaurant. Being a parent himself, he wanted to combine the enjoyment of having a meal with playtime. By incorporating an indoor playroom, this restaurant aims at making both the parents and kids enjoy it. It is truly wholesome. You can expect a bill of approximately Rs. 1200 here.

A Look Into The Dineroom

Targetting Gen X and Y specifically, this restaurant was built keeping in mind a comfortable ambiance for family and friends, without loud music. While food can be served with alcohol, you can indulge in some quality time, talking over food and taking pictures to make the moments ethereal. For two people, you can expect a bill of Rs. 1400.

While the brothers are still recovering from the pandemic of 2020, they want to keep the dining experience intact. All 3 of them had invested nearly Rs. 5 crores while opening the restaurants. Thanks to their three-tiered approach, they are now being able to clock double their investment.

The brothers are also expecting an expansion soon.

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