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Wikipedia Wishes Happy Birthday To Twitter, The Convo That Followed Is Hilarious

| Published on March 28, 2019

Twitter turned 13 recently and a lot of people ‘tweeted’ to wish twitter on its birthday. Among them, there was Wikipedia who was the first to wish Twitter on its special day.

Happy Birthday to Twitter!

Wikipedia tweeted ‘Twitter was found 13 years ago on this day’ and also remarked twitter to be a young rebellious teen. Wikipedia not only tweeted about its birthday but also mentioned how it has grown and has brought new features since its birth.

The Epic Crossover

Alongside the wishes, there was an epic crossover going on between Twitter and Wikipedia where Wikipedia both praised Twitter for its legendary improvement and slightly mocked Twitter about ‘not’ having an edit option.

Wikipedia’s response

Wikipedia appreciated the new character limit with which they have been able to tweet in more than 140 characters, since 499 days. It also added that it has been 1756 days since the Gotham font has been introduced on Twitter.

To all this, Twitter replied that they are happy to see that Wikipedia knew them so well.


Wikipedia again tweeted asking whether it takes advice from old fogies like Wikipedia or not. Also, Wikipedia advised it to introduce the edit option. One of the founders of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales replied to Twitter’s tweet and said that Wikipedia knew everything.

The Public Response

There was a divided public response where the Twitter users were both amused and divided in their reactions to the banter.

Where twitter received some support from the users in the form of birthday wishes and their opinion of not having an edit option, Wikipedia also had a separate fan base, wherein its fans exclaimed that if Wikipedia didn’t know about something then no one would ever know.

Well, Brands have always used Twitter wars both positively and negatively to engage audience and defeat the others. But seeing Twitter do the same was definitely hilarious and above all the banter was outstanding! Well, we wish Twitter a ‘belated’ Happy Birthday too!

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