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Why This Japanese Eating House Uses Bodybuilders To Deliver Food

| Published on September 8, 2020

To improve sales and demand for takeaways during the coronavirus outbreak across this world, this Japanese sushi place came up with a brilliant idea to market their yummy food and keep a number of clients in-check. They have hired bodybuilders to deliver food, who will be a hit among the ladies since they will be going shirtless! This service has been given the term ‘Delivery Macho’ and has been initiated by chef Masanori Sugiura, who himself is a competition bodybuilder.

Why Have Bodybuilders Been Hired To Deliver Food?

Hiring bodybuilders has ensured a number of deliveries per day, owing to their built physique which is not only attractive to the eye but also ensures that they are keeping fit during the pandemic. They are in the best of health and give hope to customers to eat healthy sushi and stay in shape. Why do takeouts and deliveries need to be affected because of a pandemic?

If you want to take pictures with the bodybuilders, they will happily take off their shirts for you and even pose for pictures with you and your family! This kind of cooperation has helped the company boost its sales and develop personal relationships that will promote business in a healthy manner. Of course, customer satisfaction is the key to a business’ success!

All these bodybuilders are the chef’s close friends who are helping him run his business during the pandemic. Every industry is struggling to cope with the harsh reality of life currently, but with a little love and support, Delivery Macho is finally up and running. These bodybuilders had different jobs and lost it all to the pandemic. Thankfully, they are starting afresh in style. Currently, Sigirua has earned around 1.5 million in revenue from daily earnings itself!

We wish this service all the best!

Source: Mobile Reuters

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