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Why Pringles Are Shaped The Way It Is Shaped

| Published on April 16, 2020

The way foodies love pringles cannot be explained easily. And if they love something, they are curious to know every little fact about their favourite foods.

So nowadays Indians are ordering pringles on BigBasket for snacking in the tough-to-pass time of lockdown. To add a little value to your time-pass, we decided to answer this question. Why are pringles shaped the way it is shaped?

Surprisingly, it wasn’t just for fun or aesthetics, there is a reason behind it and science behind it.

Pringles are hyperbolic paraboloids plotted over a circular domain that’s why they fit nicely in the trademark cylindrical tube packing. Thus, there is some sense behind their shape. Their unique shape makes them easier to stack, and as they are packed together so tightly, it reduces the risk of possible damage to chips during transportation.

I hope now you have understood the science behind the unique shape of pringles.

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