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Why PhonePe Chose Aamir Khan As Its New Brand Ambassador

| Published on March 22, 2019

Digital payment platforms have become very popular after demonetisation and their growth is certainly changing spending habits of Indians. PhonePe is among the best digital payment platforms in the country with quick and quality service offering attractive discounts.


To expand their reach, PhonePe has roped in Bollywood star Aamir Khan as its new brand endorser. PhonePe is official co-presenting sponsor for the TV broadcast of IPL 2019 and will be releasing a series of ads featuring Aamir during this season. To know, what made PhonePe pick Aamir among so many other celebs, you can read below:

Aamir’s Mass appeal

Aamir is not someone who is popular among a particular set of audience such as youngsters or metropolitan cities, he is a known age in every age category and geography of India. PhonePe is looking to maximize their audience, for that, they needed a face who can represent them to all ranges of people and Aamir s great choice seeing that factor.

Mr. Perfectionist personality

Aamir is also known as Mr. Perfectionist in Bollywood because whatever he gets involved in, he makes sure he does that to perfection. His movies give a sense of completeness and meaningful messages tot the audience along with entertainment. PhonePe wants to use this image to build more trust in public for using digital payment in daily life.

Also, Aamir’s presence can do wonders for the mind keeping in mind the kind of impacts his past few movies have made on Indian audience.

Talking about the association, Sameer Nigam, CEO and Founder, PhonePe said,

“Aamir Khan is among the world’s biggest superstars today. He is a highly renowned actor who is known for doing path-breaking work in his industry. In his personal capacity too, Aamir has been instrumental in creating awareness about many important social issues in India. His name is synonymous with sincerity, hard work and dedication to his craft. These are values that are completely in sync with PhonePe’s ethos of trust, security and reliability, therefore we felt that Aamir is the perfect brand ambassador for our company as we look to introduce Digital Payments to a billion Indians.”

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Aamir Khan also expressed his views and said:

“PhonePe stands for innovation and trust and has been instrumental in simplifying digital payments for millions of Indians in a very short span of time. I have closely been following PhonePe’s amazing journey and am delighted to be a part of their phenomenal growth trajectory.”

Quotes source: Exchange4Media

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