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1 minutes read

Why Netflix Keeps Changing It’s Thumbnails

| Published on July 9, 2019

Netflix, the online video streaming platform sis a strong believer and follower of “With increasing competition comes the increasing need to keep the audience engaged and attracted.”

Interestingly to be on the top of their game the online video video streaming platform, Netflix constantly keeps changing its thumbnails as it believes that the window for getting someone’s  attention is pretty short as users spend only an average of just 2 seconds looking at each show or film they cross and build their judgments in that span of time. Netflix also shared that 82% percent of the users focus while browsing the platform remains on the image thumbnails.

“Over the last few years, we have worked hard to learn how a winning combination of technology and creative helps members discover stories they will enjoy faster. It is clear that an image can move people in powerful ways,”  Netflix said. 

The other findings and winning strategies of Netflix includes:

1. Show close up of emotionally expressive faces. 

2. Show people villains instead of heroes

3. Dont show more than three characters

Well, surely the master knows its game well. 

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