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Why Is Ananya Panday The New Face Of Cadbury Perk?

| Published on June 30, 2019

“Ananya was our natural choice”, said Anil Vishwanathan, Director, Marketing (Chocolates), Mondelez India.

So, here again, is another brand, bringing in a young Bollywood star, in the form of a brand endorser- ‘Cadbury perk’. The brand has long been the beholder of fun in its advertisements and the product itself. The brand portrays the message that a little ‘masti’ in daily life can bring a smile to ones face. Here are some of the reasons why Ananya Pandey would prove to be a great choice for Cadbury Perk:

1. Youth Icon

It is nothing new, that these young star-kids are brought in as brand ambassadors in order to attract the youth, the target audience of the product. Ananya has made her space in the Bollywood industry, with her fabulous work on screen. She has become a famous youth icon, because of her acting talent, and her beauty and smartness. This helps the brand to have a stronger connection with the youth of the country.

Why Is Ananya Panday The New Face Of Cadbury Perk?

2. Infusing Fun

Ananya is also famous for her effortless lifestyle and her jolly nature. She happens to have ingrained the genes of her father, Chunky Panday, who has worked in the Bollywood industry as an artist in comic roles for a host of characters. So, naturally the choice, as the brand itself portrays a fun element infused in the mundane, just like Ananya.

Masti Ka Over Dose

Cadbury Perk has been known as for its light-hearted pranks and a masti-full approach in life. “Masti Ka Over Dose” is the latest campaign, which Cadbury Perk has been working on. The advertisement features Ananya Panday and Anurag Kashyap as their brand ambassadors, which pushes the envelope in every aspect of communication.

The ‘unscripted’ style

The whole campaign has been shot as if they were shooting behind the scenes, with Anurag Kashyap is shooting Ananya for Cadbury Perk’s commercial, as a director. In the first set of advertisement, he asks her to be available the next morning, for the shoot of Perk’s advertisement, to which Ananya refuses, replying “Sorry, I’m not available.”

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Why Is Ananya Panday The New Face Of Cadbury Perk?

Worried about the deadline, Anurag takes a bite of Perk and is struck with a mischievous idea of using the practice sessions shoot to make the commercial, after taking approval from the actor. He uses the inset in different scenarios, in order to produce a funny outcome from the commercial.

The outcome – as expected!?

The campaign has been fun so far, both for the actors and the creators of the advertisements. It is expected to be loved by the audience as much as the creators have loved creating it. Ananya says that she is super thrilled to be associated with the brand, as it is fun and easy-going, just like her own playful personality.

The first set of advertisement is on air and has received a good audience review. The audience is on the wait for more such advertisements in the upcoming months.

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