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Why Is A PNB Housing Digital Home Loan Better Than Other Loans In 2022?

| Published on August 31, 2022

PNB Housing Finance is a renowned name in the home loan industry. The institution offers many unparalleled benefits on home loans and has recently introduced a digital application facility.

According to PNB Housing Finance customer reviews, the digital application process is much easier than the conventional method of applying for a PNB Housing loan.

The Top Benefits of PNB Housing Digital Home Loan Application

Applying for a PNB Housing loan is beneficial for three significant reasons:

Calculate Your Loan Liabilities For Free

Use the PNB EMI calculator to calculate and decide your monthly EMIs based on the interest rate, loan amount and tenure. This free tool will help you choose the perfect term for the loan period so you can manage your budget accordingly.

Doorstep Service

Since home loans are secured loans, every financial institution checks the originality of the documents applied. Although the PNB Housing loan application process is digital and seamless, the company offers a doorstep service facility to check and verify the originality of the documents required for a home loan. After submitting your details, PNB Housing schedules an appointment and sends an officer to your registered address to process the loan seamlessly.

Extensive Support Options

Whether you apply for a PNB Housing home loan online or offline, you get complete support during the loan application process and throughout your loan tenure. According to PNB Housing Finance customer reviews, the company provides excellent support.

You may contact the customer support officer by calling the toll-free number, via email or by mobile app. Alternatively, you may request a call back by entering your name, email address, and phone number by clicking on the ‘Request a New Loan’ option on the PNB Housing website.

Why is a PNB Housing Digital Home Loan Better Than Other Loans?

PNB Housing Finance carries a legacy of over three decades. The company’s impeccable track record in the financial sector has enabled it to win many accolades.

PNB Housing Finance customer reviews have been consistently positive because customers love the company’s feature-rich financial instruments.

Here are the reasons why PNB Housing’s digital home loan is better than others:

Hassle-free Application Process

Thanks to the super-responsive and fast PNB Housing official website, you can apply for a PNB Housing loan in one click. Enter your name, location, mobile number, and email ID in the spaces provided on the home page, and the customer care officer will call you to explain the loan features.

Low Rates of Interest

All Indian lenders consider the credit score a key criterion for approving home loans. PNB housing eligibility criteria require a score of 611 or above for loan approval. The financial institution provides loans at an interest rate as low as 7.99%p.a.

Doorstep Document Verification and Collection

Lenders need certain documents to minimize their credit risks. Thankfully, you don’t need to submit too many documents to avail of a PNB Housing digital home loan.

Moreover, there is no need to run to the lender’s branch since a loan officer would arrive at your doorstep to collect the documents and process the loan.

High Loan Amount and Low Down Payment

Customers applying for PNB Housing home loans receive up to 90%* of the house’s market value as the loan. Also, the down payment is usually a nominal 10% of the loan amount.

Free Prepayments

Prepayment is an excellent way to become debt-free quickly. However, lenders often charge a penalty for allowing prepayments. Thankfully, PNB Housing floating-rate home loans provide free prepayments for individual borrowers. So, you can pay whatever amount you want, as often as you can afford.


PNB Housing’s digital home loan provides excellent features and unmatched convenience. PNB Housing Finance has consistently received good customer reviews, making it a premier destination for low-interest home loans.

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