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Why Guns And Gulaabs Marketing Strategies Are Making Audience Crazy?

The marketing of "Guns & Gulaabs" cleverly blends black comedy and romance, taking viewers on a nostalgic journey back to the 90s.

| Published on September 12, 2023

In the world of cinema, it’s not just the storyline or star cast that grabs our attention. The marketing strategies deployed to promote a film can often be as captivating as the movie itself. “Guns and Gulaabs” is a recent example of a film that has taken the art of marketing to new heights.

Netflix’s latest sensation, “Guns & Gulaabs,” not only brings back the cherished 90s nostalgia but also showcases some impeccable marketing strategies. The creative minds behind this Raj & DK creation have successfully blended suspense, humor, and creativity to build anticipation around this gripping series.

In this article, we’ll explore the ingenious marketing tactics that propelled “Guns & Gulaabs” to fame.

The Enigmatic Poster Campaign

“Khana paani, sar pe chhat, bistar. Sab toh hai… baaki khaali haath aaye the, khaali haath hi toh jaana hai,” quotes Arjun, portrayed by Dulquer Salmaan in the series, setting the tone for “Guns & Gulaabs.” Netflix embarked on a digital marketing journey to acquaint the audience with the characters and the mysterious town of Gulaabgunj. The eye-catching, vibrant posters, infused with a dash of quirkiness, left an indelible mark on viewers’ minds.

Raj & DK’s Creative Magic

The dynamic duo of Raj & DK, renowned for their creative storytelling, played a pivotal role in building the series’ anticipation. Netflix capitalized on their growing popularity by announcing their involvement in the series in early 2022, creating excitement among fans.

Star-Studded Lineup

The series boasts a stellar cast, including Rajkummar Rao, Gulshan Devaiah, Dulquer Salmaan, and Adarsh Gourav in lead roles. Their characters were gradually introduced through quirky clips, igniting curiosity and anticipation.

Countdown to Release

Netflix engaged fans by sharing video clips highlighting unique aspects of Gulaabgunj, such as “Guns & Gulaabs ke Gangsters,” “Guns & Gulaabs ka Chase Sequence,” and “Guns & Gulaabs ki Friendship.” This countdown strategy kept the audience eagerly waiting for the series.

Iconic 90s Vibes

To capture the essence of the 90s, Netflix collaborated with legendary singer Kumar Sanu to create the song “Do Raazi.” A music video featuring iconic elements of that era was released, evoking nostalgia.

Star-Studded Screening

A star-studded screening in Mumbai, attended by Bollywood celebrities like Richa Chadha and Bhumi Pednekar, added to the buzz surrounding the series.

Collaborations with Content Creators

Netflix joined forces with popular content creators, including Ashish Chanchlani, Kullu, Satish Ray, and Yashraj Mukhate, to create entertaining skits and reviews related to “Guns & Gulaabs.”

Engaging Social Media

Customized pictures inspired by family WhatsApp groups and collaborations with social media influencers like Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash kept the engagement levels high.

Traditional Advertising

Netflix’s marketing extended to traditional advertising, with a captivating ad on the front cover of The Times of India, featuring QR codes that directed viewers to exciting video content on YouTube.

Interviews and Overseas Success

The cast’s extensive interviews and the series’ phenomenal success in the United States, where it garnered nearly five times the demand of an average TV series, further amplified the hype.


“Guns & Gulaabs” isn’t just a series; it’s a masterclass in marketing. Netflix’s multifaceted approach, from enigmatic posters to star-studded screenings, successfully built anticipation and propelled the series to international stardom. The marketing genius behind “Guns & Gulaabs” has set a new standard for engaging viewers and creating buzz in the digital age, making it a case study for future endeavors in the world of entertainment marketing.

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