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Why Do Most Companies Have Females As HR Manager

| Published on June 4, 2019

Human Resource Management (HRM) has emerged as a great career in last few years due to the number of new companies that have opened businesses in India. One thing that has remained a debate in this career option is why so may opt for females when it comes to picking an HR. Well, we have tried to share our opinion on what makes females better for this role keeping in mind that we are not trying to offend anyone with this. Have a look:

Caring Nature


It has been psychologically proven that females are better when it comes to taking care of people. They are naturally gifted in helping and listening problems of people all around them.


It all started in the late 19th century when the role of welfare workers was to take care of women and girls in the workforce. These welfare workers were mostly females and following the culture, more females entered the workplace during the two world wars. This kept on increasing and choosing females to keep a check on the welfare of other workers became a trend. This is similar to the way engineering developed as a mainly male occupation.

Pleasent personalities

Females have the tendency of keeping themselves more aware of their looks and personalities than males. HR is the first person with anyone from outside would interact with. So it makes complete sense in keeping people with good personalities in the front. This is similar in other industries like airlines, hospitality, entertainment.

Interest areas of males

Not only females, the reason why most females work as HR is due to men also as they tend to be attracted to areas that are more systematic, more structured and more competitive.

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We are not saying any working domain is superior or inferior- it is just that women have more qualities that make them suitable for the job of an HR.

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