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Why Digital Voices Such As Siri, Navigation Systems Are Mostly Female

| Published on April 11, 2020

Have you ever wondered why most digital voices are female? Navigation systems, voice recognition software, translation apps etc., mostly have female voices dictating instructions. These are not real voices but rather computer-oriented ones that guide you on how to do things. But why are they predominantly female?

One good reason could be how women tend to be of ample use in combat situations. Men are most likely to listen to the calm and assertive voice of a female, rather than a male voice. Females don’t have expectations either. They’re just there to help you, no questions asked.

It is also surprising to find how the customer service realm is mostly covered by female executives as well. Susanne Bennet, the voice behind Apple’s Siri said, “I think we sort of have a mindset toward that. I also think that the female voice tends to be softer, a little bit more pleasant to listen to as far as getting information in a nicer way.”

Let us also take note of how female voices are generally more appealing than male voices. Why wouldn’t you listen to them? One can let go of the general stereotype or bias of how women are supposed to serve men because most companies do not think about that aspect in particular. It rather hinges more towards how comforting these voices are to get something done in no time.

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