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Why Coca Cola Is Looking To Buy Cafe Coffee Day

| Published on July 6, 2019

Coca Cola, the beverage giant, has been on the top of the race with its competitors as far as carbonated drinks go. But with growing awareness of healthy living, people have switched their preferences towards healthier choices. This made the company to take steps in order to stay put in the ever-changing market dynamics.

Cafe Coffee Day

The company now wishes to serve a hot cuppa to its customers stirring competition with the existing kings of the coffee house, Starbucks & Barista. Coca Cola plans on buying Cafe Coffee Day soon.

A toehold in India’s Rs 2,500-crore coffee retail market could give Coca-Cola an opportunity to pursue young and aspirational consumers. Cafe Coffee Day is a place where youngsters hang out, professionals meet and where the startup entrepreneur often works from.

Many experts have suggested that it may not be wise for the cola giant to buy the Indian Coffee chain as it already owns Costa Coffee. But since Costa has not been able to spread its roots among the youth of the nation, having a pre-established Indian brand might just give it a headstart it needs.

Before Starbucks came to India, Cafe Coffee Day was the go-to place for the Indian youth. Even though the price range of services offered by both outlets is more or less the same, Starbucks has the advantage of being an international brand name. Coca Cola might have to work a little harder in winning back the customers by providing a better customer experience than Starbucks.

Our very own CCD might just get a makeover. Would you give it a visit?

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