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Why Brands Use Misspelled Words In Their Names

| Published on February 3, 2020

Naming a brand is a confusing task for the founders. Especially in an era like today where everyone is trying to look creative, making a brand look unique starts from the naming itself. Whether it’s the company’s name, campaign name, a slogan, or simply a banner ad, sometimes brands deliberately misspell the words.


Let’s discuss today why brands do this.

Using human psychology

It’s simple psychology that the human mind tends to remember mistakes more than the perfect things. Using this, brands create a memorable image in the minds of the audience that helps in getting attention of the viewer.

The popular trends of misspelling a word

Why Brands Use Misspelled Words In Their Names

Dropping vowels is a common trend that brands do as it helps in differentiating the company from a regular word. Another method is by adding words like ‘ly’ at the end of a word. Using double letters (e.g ‘ii’ instead of ‘i’) is also a popular trend while misspelling a word for branding.

The race of getting a unique domain name

Why Brands Use Misspelled Words In Their Names

Also, using incorrect spellings help companies to get the name easily while registering the domain on internet. Considering how active people are in buying the domains of right spellings, having a single word less or more makes the process of getting domain easier.

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All we want to convey is that more often than not, there’s a story behind these errors, which adds to a company’s story. While there can be many more reasons behind naming a brand, what can be a blunder for copy editor’s turns into a valuable marketing strategy for the brand while using misspelled words. Do you think such tactics really help brands to stand out from the crowd? Share your views in the comment section.

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