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Why Brands Use Comedians For Advertising Campaigns

| Published on February 14, 2020

Comedians have managed to emerge enough to become trending news these days. From making us laugh with the most creative content to getting banned by airlines, they are leaving nothing behind. JK!

Because they are producing a strong fanbase in public and proving their names to be stable brands, companies are rushing towards them to enhance a fun element in their own digital campaigns. We would all agree that nothing attracts the audience more than punny statements and humorous sarcasm.

Comedians Enhancing Digital Campaigns!

Most recently, the PayU India introduced a digital advertising campaign displaying stand-up comedy clips by Cyrus Sahukar, Hoezay Covaco, Varun Thakur, Jeeveshu Ahluwalia, Biswapati Sarkar, and Kaneez Surka in order to promote their product LazyPay.

The stand-ups are fun and the content revolves around the steps we go through while transacting digital payments and the irritating factor involved in the process.

“Stand-up comics have a large say in influencing the digital audience today. So instead of using them sporadically, we used stand-up comics to lead our campaign. They are the faces of our campaign and will lead the entire campaign”, quoted Abhijit Bhattacharya, Head Marketing – Consumer Business, PayU India.
Here’s one more instance of a brand having a promotion via stand-up.

Atul Khatri’s insurance ad is another addition to various such examples of these campaigns.

Let’s Come To The “WHY”

So, brands believe that the most attractive factor these days for the audience is entertainment, content that leaves you thinking for a while and laughter and all these things are willingly and effortlessly provided by comedians.

“If you go through your social media feed you will definitely find someone who has shared a video of a comedian. They are a growing trend and appeal to a niche audience which is gradually growing larger. They are relatively known names, although they are not celebrities yet. It is a platform that is gaining attention”, said Ram Gudipati, Founder and CEO of Brand Harvest Consultancy.

Another amazing thing that follows the scenario is that comedians do not ask for scripts, scenes or lines on the set. They are well developed and highly creative content producers and take the entire responsibility of it, unlike movie stars and actors. That’s the beauty of it!

Any highlights, guys?
Source: ZeeBiz

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