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Why Brands Choosing Online Influencers For TV Commercials

| Published on June 19, 2019

Every youth knows what role social media plays in today’s life. The Internet has grown so fast that even brands have started a core group of advertisements based on the internet, by bringing web-based personalities on board for their advertising campaigns. Much as you may already have seen, spending on influencers could go up to 70 to 100 percent this year. Moreover, it’s not just restricted to the influencers, but you may also see a popular face from a viral video as well.

So, what are the reasons behind adopting this strategy? Let’s see:

1. Fresh Content

All the influencers today have built unique personalities for themselves, which has been used by the brand in their telly spots. The influencers have played roles in the advertisements, which are an extension of their web characters. For instance, Shayan Roy, who features with Yuvraj Singh and Rishabh Pant in a Cadbury Fuse ad, who surprises the professionals with quick and funny comebacks, typically like his real-life personality.


2. Relatability

Using a relatively known face for an advertisement, aids recall for the brand. These personalities have a specific persona ingrained in their follower’s mind, which helps the brand’s engagement with the target audience much easier. Relatability can be the biggest advantage for a brand, wherein these web celebrities help influence customer opinions by boosting conversations.

3. Larger Visibility

The second kill with the same stone. The most important and the most valuable thing for any brand is its visibility among a large group of audience. The influencers have a huge fan following of their own, which gives way for the brands to penetrate through the celebrity’s user base and create a new distribution channel as well as an environment where the brands can experiment with various content formats.

4. Cost Effective

There are two basic subsets in being cost-effective. First, of course, is that the web stars charge less than a B-list Bollywood actor and throw fewer tantrums. Second, the effective cost that a brand has to pay to maintain the brands’ image is getting nullified by the influencer’s user base. Their visibility and engagement with the users, play the role on its own to build brand loyalty.

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5. Real-time tracking

Generally, the effect of the ads on the customers could not have been judged on a real-time basis, so easily. But with these web celebrities, the reactions of the customers can be tracked on a real-time basis. Whether the advertisement would engage with the audience or not, is known by these web stars, as they know the content business in and out. This provides an upper hand to the brand’s image in providing good content.

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