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2 minutes read

Which Brand Do You ‘Trust’ The Most? MM Followers Gave Unanimous Answers

| Published on March 21, 2020

When it comes to ‘Trust’, there are only a handful of brands that comes to our mind. So to have a better understanding of which brand has been able to establish itself as the most trustworthy name, we asked our followers to share their thoughts.

On the Marketing Mind Instagram page, we asked our followers the name of the brand that first comes to their mind when we say ‘Trust’.

Interestingly, people shared with a number of brands that they trust. But the name that appeared the most was of ‘Tata’. Here are the responses that we received from our followers.

Founded in 1868, Tata Group is not just a brand but has become a milestone for all the other brands to follow. How deeply it has engraved an impression on its customers can be easily seen in the comments section.

Apart from Tata, many people should their love for other brands as well like Apple, Samsung, Bata, Nike & Adidas. But the name that appeared the most was Tata.

How often does a brand make a lasting impact on its customers? Well with this recent post, MM was able to shed some light on it thanks to its followers. But surely brands need to up their game if they really want to be the first choice of their customers. Tata Group, on the other hand, has nothing much to worry about as it must be doing something right.

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