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Where To Buy Ethereum

| Published on May 1, 2021

Launched in 2015, Ethereum has experienced exponential growth surpassing most digital currencies.  In fact, Ethereum’s market capitalization crossed the$100 Million mark in February 2021. This is the first time digital currency is growing by double digitals. So, where can you buy Ethereum? We put a spotlight on the topmost platforms you can purchase digital assets.


Coinbase is an ideal platform for beginners who want to buy Ether. Since the launch in 2012, Coinbase aimed at creating a marketplace for buying and selling Bitcoin. Contrary to other crypto exchange platforms, Coinbase facilitates buying and selling of digital currencies directly to users. The site comes with the following features.
1. Price and fee display
This creates a user-friendly platform that allows you to order Ethereum with ease.
2. Lock in price option
Transaction on Coinbase is faster than on any other platform. Upon making the first deposit, the lock-in price feature allows fast order processing without waiting for the clearance of the deposit. The amount of crypto purchased is then sent after the full amount has been settled.
3. Supports Debit and credit cards
Debit and credit cardholders can enjoy instant transactions on the Coinbase crypto marketplace. Though the transaction through this method will be faster, the transaction limit is usually lower than if you choose to transact through bank transfer.
Due to an increase in demand for Ethereum, the platform introduced buying and selling of Ethereum in 2016. In that case, Ethereum and Bitcoin are easily traded on the platform. Besides being easier to use, Coinbase is one of the most credible crypt marketplaces in the world. To trade, you can simply sign up.


Despite having been in existence for a short while, the New York-based company has gained high repute in the crypto ecosystem. Contrary to Coinbase, Geminis’s approach to crypto exchange is more traditional. Under such pretext, users on the platform can trade with other users the site operates like a typical Forex or stock trading platform. You can easily sign up to trade Ethereum on Gemini.


If you are shopping for a reliable crypto marketplace, then you can count on the CEX.IO.The platform comes in handy for users in locations that aren’t supported by Coinbase. The unique aspect of CEX.IO is that it supports large transactions via credit cards.


Bittrex purely supports the trading of crypto for other digital currencies. This means they don’t facilitate fiat currency transactions. For those venturing into crypto trading for the first time, then Bittrex may not be an ideal choice for you.
Ideally, Bittrex is a premier exchange platform that supports exchanges from serious traders. The platform supports over 250 trading pairs. This includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether among others. The United States crypto platform has an exceptional customer support and charges low fees in transactions. If you want to buy Ethereum, you can sign up to place an order.


Coinmama is a perfect choice for crypto traders who intend to buy large amounts of Ethereum via credit card. The crypto exchange platform facilitates the purchase of both Ethereum and Bitcoin. Contrary to CEX.IO and Coinbase, the platform doesn’t support wallet service. This means users have to submit a separate Ethereum address where Ethereum will be sent.
For that reason, it may not be appealing for beginners who just ventured into crypto trading. Another undoing about the platform is that the transaction fee is relatively higher than other exchange platforms. To order for ether on Coinmama, you can simply register herecryptosoft


Individuals interested in trading fiat currencies for Ethereum can use Kraken. Comparatively, just like Coinbase and Gemini, the platform allows users to make transactions in fiat currencies through wire and bank transfers. However, the site supports trading a wide range of altcoins than other exchange platforms. Over the years, Kraken has managed to build a solid reputation in the crypto exchange industry.

Final thoughts

New crypto traders find it easier to purchase digital currency through credit cards. Unfortunately, most crypto exchange platforms do not support credit card transactions. It is, therefore, necessary to choose a credible platform to avoid inconveniences associated with chargebacks, high fees, and fraudulent transactions. In that case, you can try out the platforms highlighted in this article to save you from the wrath of fraudsters.

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