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‘Where Is My Train’ App Used To Rob Rs. 15 Lakhs Worth Of Gold

| Published on November 16, 2019

Where Is My Train‘ app is something that is used widely by people who travel by railways frequently. A simple app that helps you track the running status of any national train was used as a modus operandi in a robbery recently.

Yeshwantpur-Kacheguda Express in September last year was targeted by the infamous Parthi gangs. The robberies happened at Mahbubnagar district in Telangana, wherein 375 grams of Gold was robbed from train passengers.

As per DSP (Rural) Railways M Srinivas Rao, two robberies took place within two weeks, on the same train, at the same location, after which 374 grams of Gold was found to be robbed.

The value of 375 grams of Gold as of today is Rs 14.83 lakh in Pune.

Where Is My Train

According to the Newindianexpress, the gang members are from Maharashtra, and they used to travel to Telangana, and hunt for secluded spots on the highways, for the robberies.

Using ‘Where Is My Train’ app, the gang members used to track the train, for its exact location.

When the train used to arrive at the spot, they manipulated the signal circuit, and changed green to red, thereby forcing the train to stop. Once the train stopped, they used to enter the coaches and rob the passengers.

It seems their main target was stealing Gold, but robbery of cash was also reported.

As per police officials, a history of firearm usage by the gang members has also been reported. The gang member was nabbed by the Railways Police based on technical evidence, and statements from the passengers.

The investigation is still on and police are searching for the criminals.

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