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‘Where can’t we go together’: Meta’s First Cross-App Brand Campaign In India

| Published on October 18, 2022

Meta‘s new consumer marketing campaign – ‘Where can’t we go together’, highlights the way its apps are enabling social connections and helping people make progress in life.

For the first time ever, the company is collectively highlighting the value of its platforms through its films in India. Through this campaign, Meta aims at sharing glimpses of stories of young people who are following their passions and leveraging their entrepreneurial zeal in pursuing ideas that move them forward.

Avinash Pant, Director of Marketing, Facebook India (Meta), stated that at Meta, their marketing strategy has always been to take inspiration from real people and the way they use our platforms, and share it more widely.

Taking into consideration the growing trend around reals and virtual reality, Pant further stated that with the campaign they have tried to capture unique stories involving these insights, and more, and in the process highlight how Meta is invested in helping people communicate and express themselves freely.

‘Where can’t we go together’ is Meta’s new brand platform and will be promoted through digital channels – on Facebook and Instagram.

As per reports, the campaign will have 4 creatives that will go live in a phased manner across 2 months. The creatives have been conceptualized by DDB Mudra.

The campaign draws from the distinct individual narratives of the three apps and hopes to leave viewers with an optimism-infused belief: ‘Where can’t we go together?’ Words bring to life Meta’s conviction of what today is and also what tomorrow will be.

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