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When A Guy Found Shares Worth Rs 130 Crores 30 Years After His Grandfather Had Bought Them

| Published on July 26, 2021

Many people in the world have become rich and richer over the period of years. While some had to work hard and start from scratch to reach the point of success, many were fortunate to have an inheritance to help them kick start their career.

In fact, it can be said that many industrialists and billionaires were blessed with an inheritance from their ancestors who either passed down a family business or a fortune to build an empire for themselves.

A few years back, a video surfaced online that made us wish that if only we were blessed with a fortune as big as this guy.

A Twitter user has shared a old video of a news clip where a man from Delhi named Ravi discovered that the shares his grandfather had bought in 1990 are now worth Rs 130 crores.

During a virtual panel discussion on the share market with the market experts, a Q&A discussion with a viewer took an interesting turn. Ravi joined in the discussion and told the experts that his grandfather had just presented him with the certificates of shares of MRF ltd which he had bought in 1990.

The panelists first explained to him the necessary procedure he would have to follow in order to trade those shares in the current market. He was advised to open up a Demat account in his grandfather’s name first. But soon they informed him that the value of those shares today is nearly Rs 130 crores.

As soon as the Twitter user shared the video, the internet was wishing for a grandfather like Ravi’s. The reactions were hilarious and relatable too.

Though the clip ended there, we can only imagine how Ravi and his family would have reacted to this life-altering news.

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