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2 minutes read

WhatsApp To Launch Amazing New Features

| Published on December 3, 2019

Whatsapp is being used all around the globe and it has always been seen upgraded with new and amazing features. Till this time, we have all loved the updates in this app since it entered the market.

Whatsapp has always made the users happy and now its new version is coming with some more new characteristics and improvisations in it. These properties are still considered to be under progress.

Let’s know more about these new and amazing traits of Whatsapp.

1. Dark Mode

Whatsapp is currently in the white color mode and is expected to appear in Dark mode in iOs 13 and Android 10. This mode has already under the testing system and is ready to be launched in the market.

2.Multiple-Device Support

Earlier, you could never use your Whatsapp Account on more than one account but a new feature is going to be launched which will make it possible for the users. It is safeguarded with security where you have to follow some registration regulations while logging on to one more device to use Whatsapp.

3. Hiding Mute Statuses

The feature of hiding the statuses of those you have put on mute is still there in Whatsapp but they still show in grey line under the non-mute statuses and you can still see their stories.

Now, this new feature is going to be upgraded in such a way that whoever’s status you mute, you will not see them at all!

Self-Destructing Texts

Now, this is one of the most amazing features in Whatsapp. One can delete their messages before the other person has seen it. Sometimes, we tend to send wrong texts to wrong contacts but now you can immediately delete them from the chat!

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