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WhatsApp Launched Its Business Application, Here’s All You Need To Know About It

| Published on January 19, 2018

Whatsapp has finally launched its much-awaited business application in some countries including Italy, Mexico, and the US. Soon it will be available in India also. WhatsApp Business will be a separate app which will help authorized businesses to communicate directly with their consumers in the form of chats. This can really change the way companies interact with the customers.


How to use the Whatsapp Business app?

In the start, Whatsapp is only focussing the small business but the company has the plans to extend this service to the bigger corporates and might also charge for some tools that will help these companies to analyse the data and improvise their businesses.
To use the app, users will have to register their businesses with a different contact number than their personal ones. Currently, it is only available for Android phones and has not been listed on Google’s Play Store yet.


According to WhatsApp’s official blog, this app will be available to download for most of the countries in the coming few weeks.

“WhatsApp Business is available today and free to download on Google Play in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the U.K. and the U.S. The app is rolling out around the world in the coming weeks,”

the blog read.

What are the extra features as compared to normal Whatsapp?

Along with having all the features of the normal Whatsapp, this new app will have many additional benefits for the users which are as follows:

  • WhatsApp Business has many features like – Business Profiles, which will help people to write their useful information such as basic business description, email or physical address, and website URL.
  • An Away feature will help businesses to leave a message for the customers who text them out of the business hours. This message can even have meaningful content like answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Messaging Statistics, which will help businesses to know whats working for them.
  • The Account type option will help users know that they’re talking to a business as one can see it listed as a Business Account.

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