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WhatsApp Finally Addresses Rumors & Claims On Its Privacy Policy

| Published on January 14, 2021

Owing to claims and speculations by various individuals and organizations on WhatsApp’s privacy policy, the Facebook-owned chat application finally cleared out a few rumors surrounding the same. The company declared that its recent privacy policy update did not affect any messages shared between friends and family. This information was solely kept within the users’ chats and not shared with Facebook and other third-party applications.

WhatsApp went further on to give us a guide on what kind of information was NOT shared with its parent company and third-party aggregators,

  • WhatsApp and Facebook cannot read chats or hear calls made from the app
  • It does not have any logs of which user is being texted or called
  • Any shared location cannot be viewed by WhatsApp or Facebook
  • No contacts are shared with Facebook
  • All group chats are private
  • Messages can also disappear after a while
  • The data can be downloaded which includes profile updates, messages, and more

All these pointers were issued by the company on Twitter. WhatsApp ensures its users of end-to-end encryptions.

One of the major concerns most users had was with group chats and the information that could be leaked through them, to Facebook. WhatsApp has clarified that none of these chats can be viewed by Facebook or posted as ads on different platforms.

In addition to being encrypted from end-to-end, the company also suggests users try out their disappearing messages feature for added privacy.

Despite the clarification, a number of users have gone against the app and are suggestive of making a move to alternatives for daily communications.


Since a number of users have been regularly using WhatsApp, it will be tough to make the switch. However, after the company’s clarification, a few users might still consider staying.

Will you still continue using WhatsApp despite the company’s clarification or have you switched over to a new app? Share your views on WhatsApp and its policy updates with us!

Source: NDTV

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