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WhatsApp Business To Charge Customers. Know details

| Published on October 25, 2020

Social Media networks and Free messaging services like Facebook and WhatsApp are popular because they don’t charge anything from the customers but recently WhatsApp has announced about charging for some of the services for the Business accounts. The reason behind this step is that the company will soon offer it will soon offer services like hosting, to help partners manage chat messages with clients, inventory and more. The parent company also said that it will continue to offer free services to its more than two billion WhatsApp users.

Whatsapp Business

Currently, WhatsApp Business has more than 50 million users, and over 175 million people everyday message a Business account. Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $16 billion in 2014 and relies on advertising in Facebook and Instagram to generate revenue and now it is trying to make some revenue from WhatsApp also. Considering the popularity of WhatsApp, this step will surely give a boom to the revenue of Facebook. WhatsApp hasn’t revealed the pricing details for the business services.

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Will you continue using WhatsApp for business purposes even if it starts charging money? Share your views in the comments section.

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