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Nearbuy Founder Asks What Owning An iPhone In India Feels Like, Replies Are Damn Funny

| Published on February 18, 2021

India has a number of iPhone users. While these are most commonly found with people from affluent backgrounds, owning an iPhone in India is still a luxury since it costs a fortune and might not be feasible for everyone to afford.’s Founder Ankur Warikoo recently asked his fans on Twitter how it was owning an iPhone in India.

The answers will definitely not leave you disappointed! Many users call it an asset whereas some others reiterated having the smartphone was equivalent to owning a diamond ring of sorts. It belongs to the English-speaking kind, a little bit fancier than what most Indians owned. Owning an iPhone is definitely a charm in itself, and once you have one, you never go back.

Here are some hilarious reactions and observations from users on Twitter.

Clearly having any phone is good in India, as long as it is equipped with the latest features. Currently, brands like OnePlus, OPPO, and Samsung are giving Apple quite the hit when it comes to high-end smartphones.

A number of people also claimed how having an iPhone was a status symbol at best.

The latest iPhone 12 costs nearly around a lakh or more. Apple is also setting up its manufacturing units in India which will bring down the cost of iPhones but not by the margin available for other brands in the same segment.

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Are you a supporter of the Apple brand or would you rather have it any other way?

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