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What Strategies Made CCD A Successful Brand In 22 Years

| Published on July 23, 2018

Café Coffee Day needs no introduction, a brand that started the trend of coffee shop-cum-cyber café in Bangalore, today serves 1.8 billion cups of coffee, annually, in 6 countries. CCD offered many new things like internet and mind refreshing music that helped people to spend a leisurely hour or two. As internet grew, CCD decided to emerge as a full-fledged café.

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Challenges CCD faced


As it happens with every new idea, the first difficulty CCD faced was creating a need in the mind of Indians for peaceful hangout places. Indians had the habit of meeting people in restaurants or in offices for a meeting and coffee drinking in India was restricted to the five-star coffee shops.

The challenge was to was to introduce the cafe culture which was growing in other countries. Slowly the youth started to connect with the ideology of CCD as the demand for a relaxed and fun hangout place had increased. Also, CCD wanted to make its own identity instead of just copying a popular chain from western countries.

Marketing Strategies of CCD


CCD’s marketing strategy is based on affordability, accessibility, acceptability and these helped the brand to grow regardless of the tough phases.

“Youth being the key customers and early adopters of trends, we also evolved in our strategy and became more digital-centric as we engaged with the new age world,” says the spokesperson.

Making Indians know more about the qualities of coffee is another trick that worked for the brand. CCD has conducted several in-café activities in recent years to increase one’s love and knowledge on coffee and keep consumers excited about the brand.


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CCD knows that advertising should involve maximum engagement. The ‘Latte Art Festival’ and special offers on Women’s Day for the whole day and serving Cappuccinos for Rs. 22 on their 22nd anniversary at all other cafes across India. To remain updated it has recently introduced home delivery service also.

Digital marketing holds importance for CCD as the target audience of the brand is mainly youth and middle to high-income working class. Café Coffee Day has over 5 million fans on its social media pages and consistently engaging customers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

As CCD goes digital, it is adopting new technologies to improve customer service. Its official app has been downloaded over 4.5 million times and has mobile wallet feature for brand loyalty and a smooth customer experience.

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