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What Not To Do During Salary-Negotiations. Must Read

| Published on July 24, 2019

Do Not Rush Into Saying Yes Too Soon.

Before responding to any job offer do your due diligence. Understand your stand in the market and what all potential job offers you might be missing out. If you are offered a job do not say yes too fast. Instead, ask for a day or twos time to thinks over it and even to discuss with your family. Though a tricky thing to do, it will always give you time to make the right decision.

Do Not Think Short Term. Always Look For Long Term Gains.

Whenever you apply for a job you should always think of staying with the company for the long run. And for that do your research. Know about the companies potential and what all opportunities are there for your professional growth.

This will help you understand your expectations in terms of salary and other perks from the company. Eventually helping you for better negotiation.

Never Demand In Round Numbers.

When the HR asks about your salary expectations during the interview, always ask for a specific payout. Round numbers can easily be negotiated but specific numbers show your seriousness towards the job. Of course, do your research first and know about the pay scale that the company is willing to offer. This will help gain a stronger ground in the negotiation.

Talk less And listen More

Never over-do your conversations with the HR. Only speak when required. Let the HR do the talking first. And when you become fully aware of the offers given by the company then build up your negotiations around it.


Most importantly, do not come across too adamant. Know the company’s potential and your stand in the market. If the HR sticks to their offered salary, take their leave politely. You will never be able to force out your desired remuneration. So be smart, be tactful but above all be polite with your negotiations.


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