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What Led To Infamous YouTube vs TikTok Fight & Whose Side Are You On?

| Published on May 12, 2020

Have you used TikTok to date? If you have and you still are, you will be aware of how entertaining the type of content there is, in comparison to other platforms. Recently, a video launched by Elvish Yadav on YouTube has divided fans of both platforms. In his video, Yadav is seen roasting TikTokers which most people believe is nothing new, since TikTok has had this coming their way since its inception.

Even though it was a personal opinion, the video got a lot of retaliation by famous TikTokers like Amir Siddique and Revolver Rani. Amir took down his initially posted IGTV on Instagram but his video can be streamed on YouTube.

Elvish Yadav received support by another YouTuber called Samrat.

And of course, Yadav did not hold back. In response to Amir’s claim of Yadav initiating a personal attack on him, the latter posted another video on YouTube.

To neutralise the already escalated situation, YouTuber Awez Darbar joined in sharing his opinion on how both platforms were unique in their own ways and the creators should definitely get merits for everything that they post.

Also if you follow the popular YouTubers in India, you must have heard of Carry Minati! His video took the piece of cake as the last stop for this feud and has been watched by 2 million viewers across the country. If you haven’t watched it already, this is for you.

Sharing their views, YouTubers like Bhuvan Bum, Ashish Chanchlani and many others came in with their support and memes on Twitter. This funny banter has definitely made our days during this lockdown.

Whose side are you on?

Source: Social Ketchup

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