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What Is Your Company’s Stance During The Coronavirus? MM Answers

| Published on March 24, 2020

If you are a true Marketing Mind fan, you must be following our Facebook and Instagram handles. Ever so often, we ask our audience some fun questions and get their responses to curate an interesting feed around a specific topic. This time, we asked them whether their employers were kind enough to give them paid leaves or work from home opportunities during the coronavirus epidemic. Since most states of the country are under lockdown, the Government has advised companies to implement the same. However, some companies are still operational who tend to essential services.

@abhishek.tiwari16 mentioned how his company wouldn’t provide any leaves till someone from the office got Corona!

Would you believe that? We think that although some companies can definitely not run without having their employees come to the office, there are certain situation likes this pandemic that is not only affecting the country but the world. For the safety of the employees as well as the employers, taking a week off to keep everyone healthy will be a great move.

We also speculated some humorous responses like this one by Santosh J Reddy on Facebook.

While some replies were very gut-wrenching because of the authoritative stance taken by some employers as declared by our fans below,

Some other companies are quite dedicated towards this whole process and are guaranteeing the safety of their employees by letting them work from home, providing laptops and desktops to ensure that the workflow does not get hampered and also giving out free sanitizers and masks to keep them healthy. Are you a part of these companies?

And of course, we appreciate some witty responses by our delightful audience! Amidst this pandemic, it is always a good idea to maintain the humour. The more you stress about it, the stronger it affects your well being.

Maintain basic hygiene etiquette during this coronavirus outbreak. Keep washing your hands and sanitizing them, and wear a mask if you are sick or show symptoms. Get your doctor’s opinion if it gets worse but do not take this pandemic lightly. It is better to be safe than sorry. We urge all our fans to stay strong and healthy while we all get through the COVID-19 massacre together.

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