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What Is Tourism Marketing & How Brands Use It To Attract Max. Audience

| Published on May 28, 2019

When you go on summer vacation and spend days shopping in antique stores, hiking in a national park, eating local food and taking in a musical at the amphitheater, you are being a tourist. Tourism occurs when you leave your normal surroundings where you live and work to go to a place to engage in activities there, regardless of how close or how far it is.

Now let us know what is tourism marketing?


Tourism marketing is a term which is used to refer to that business discipline by which the visitors are attracted to a particular location which can be a state, a city, a particular heritage site or tourist destination spot, a hotel or a convention centre anything. Tourism marketing is basically a segment of online marketing that deals with promoting different tourist attractions, tours and activities, destinations, accommodation, etc.

Tourism marketing is all about applying several marketing techniques and strategies to boost the tourism industry of that place.

Different ways in which tourism marketing is done:

Location of Marketing

In this type of marketing, the main focus of tourism marketing in one bringing the attention of the people to a specific location. There are some locations that are already so popular all over the world that tourism marketers don’t have to make many efforts in attracting their attention to such places.

EX: There is a slogan related to Florida which is ‘The Sunshine State’. This way they are presenting their state with a joyous and charming climate and as a perfect place for the beach and the football lovers. Also with their slogan, they are successfully able to present their state as an ideal ‘summer vacation’ destination and are definitely a dream for many to visit this place.

Activity Marketing

Activity marketing is a form of tourism making which emphasizes on bringing the attention of a customer to particular places on the basis of the activities that are performed there. This type of marketing usually keeps in mind the travellers who are adventure lovers or activity freaks.

EX: New Zealand is famous for Bungy jumping, skydive, jet boating etc which attracts all adventurous tourists.

Hosting Bloggers Trip

By hosting bloggers in a country, state or city marketers promote the tourism industry on the internet with articles and hashtags on social media. Bloggers are encouraged to post pictures and notes on sites with the hashtags.

The tourism marketers focus more on destinations that provide both the business advantages and pleasure to their customers. These pleasures depend on several factors like the ease of travelling, facilities of the hotels, the nightlife of that place, activities offered and the overall culture of that place. Thus by considering these factors, the tourism marketers understand the areas that have to focus more on, so that tourism marketing can be done effectively.

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