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What Is The Difference Between Sales & Marketing

| Published on March 19, 2019

Success and failure run parallel for any company when it comes to the concepts of marketing and sales. You might end with the latter if you merge the thin line that lies between them.

These two key terms are often fused together but there lie subtle differences between the two. So here’s a quick guide defining sales, marketing and key differences between the two.



Sales is referred to the short term need for closing a sale, get an agreement signed, or fulfilling the criteria which are required to sell a product.

Sales say ‘Close the Deal!’

To flourish any business, suitable sales strategies and techniques are the actual pathways to ‘close the deal’. It is easy to draw customers at the door but hard to convince them to buy a product. Door to Door or online, both works when the correct strategies are strong enough to cast a spell on the customers to purchase the product.

Numerous companies set sales volume targets for a particular duration and have strategies in place to achieve the targets.



Marketing, on the other hand, denotes a long term concept, which relates to forward-looking strategies required for understanding customer needs, influencing customer viewpoint, and identifying the possible way for the company to capitalize on that.

Marketing is much more than just ‘Sales’

Marketing strategies and techniques are depended on what it takes to identify the right product mix, the prices for those products, and what needs to be communicated through an advertisement for successful sales.

Marketing VS Sales!

Considering marketing vs. sales, it is important to take into account the overall sales and marketing cycle. To ensure that both the marketing and sales are closely related to each other it is necessary to manage them by the same department or individual. For example, sales and marketing both need to assimilate their sale strategies and marketing messages for maximizing the sale growth.

Therefore, it can be stated that ‘Sales’ is the ‘push’ button to buy the product once the customer is there, whereas ‘Marketing’ is the ‘pull’ button that gets the customer to the company. Marketing if executed effectively can make sales too easy for the respective company as the customer readily buys the product once they are into the store. While ‘Sales’ can even work without the effective functioning of the ‘Marketing’.

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Both are equally demanding when it comes to the growth of the business and maximizing profit.

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