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What Is The Difference Between Guarantee And Warranty

| Published on June 11, 2019

There are certain options customers are very keen about before buying a product. Sometimes, the product doesn’t fulfill the expectations of the buyer or any of its part stops functioning. Then the role of guarantee and warranty comes to play. If you are someone who always gets confused between these terms, we have a solution for you with this article. To learn what these actually mean and how these terms are different from each other, you can read the details below:

What is Warranty?

Warranty in simple language is a commitment from a manufacturer to its customers that if the product breaks or causes some problems while functioning, the manufacturer will have to provide free repair for that. In this, if the manufacturer does not commit replacement, he/she is only committed to repairing.


In other words, with a warranty, the customer is protected against sudden breakage or sudden problems. SO, warranty is the minimum time period for which the company is responsible for the product to work properly.

Also, we can say that, if a company does not provide any warranty for its products, then the company is not confident about the quality of the products.

What is Guarantee?

Guarantee is superior to Warranty. With guarantee, the company first tries to repair the product having problems and then if not solved, the customer is offered free replacement.

Generally, Guarantee has coverage of entire product whereas, Warranty generally means limited liability for the manufacturer of the product.

The warranty on the product is usually in the written form, which can be used as proof to claim the warranty by the customer.

Guarantee is not mandatory to be in written form, it can also be in the oral form.

Warranty involves some cost which in most cases is paid by the buyer. Also, there is a concept called warranty extension which is a choice of the customer.

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Warranty is in the form such as 5 years warranty, 2 years warranty, lifetime warranty, etc. Guarantee is in the form such as 100 % guarantee, satisfaction guaranteed, premium quality guaranteed, etc.

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