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What Is The Difference Between Company And Brand

| Published on April 27, 2019

Many of us at times must have wondered are company and brand two different entities or they are the same? Well, let’s have a look at the article to clear your muddle.

In simple words, a company refers to the organization that produces products or services whereas a brand is something which is built through consumer perceptions and expectations.

A Company is generally referred to as the organization or a legal entity which engages in business i.e produces and sales material or services and is very physical in nature. A brand is an identifying symbol, mark, logo, name, word and/or sentence that companies use to distinguish their product from others.

A brand is something that gives people the idea or image of a company through its specific product or service and it’s a perception build in the mind of people, both in a practical and emotional. It is therefore not just the physical features that create a brand but also the feelings that consumers develop towards the company or its product. A brand is seen as one of a company most valuable assets.

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For instance, we can take the example of Aquaguard. We all know that Aquaguard is the name of a water purifier company. But they became successful in creating the perception that instead of saying water purifier we mention every water purifying company as Aquaguard. Also with very popular Xerox company. Whenever we think of photocopy the only company that comes to our mind is Xerox.

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