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What Is A Brand’s Visual Identity And How Does It Impact The Brand

| Published on September 5, 2023

On remembering one’s favorite brands, one is most likely to visualize a powerful visual of the brand first, rather than the product itself. This could be anything – brand logo, a specific color associated with the brand, the brand’s ambassador, or even an unforgettable ad campaign by the brand.

So, what does this mean?

What Is A Brand's Visual Identity And How Does It Impact The Brand

We recognize brands from what is shown to us. In short, what we see is what we get and retain.

A brand’s visual identity is a powerful tool that communicates a lot more than we think. Here is what it is:

What is Visual identity

What Is A Brand's Visual Identity And How Does It Impact The Brand

A brand can be represented by different ways- through its stakeholders, media campaigns and even by word-of-mouth. Visual identity is the visible representation of a brand that includes every element connected to the brand, which one can actually see.

These include- logo, website design, interior design of a store etc… The purpose of a visual identity is to provide information about the brand to its audience, and also create an emotional impression on everyone who comes across it.

For example, McDonalds exhibits a strong visual identity, with its iconic arches, yellow and red color palette, and its tagline- “I’m Loving It”, that is consistent around the globe.

It is different from brand identity, which is a holistic expression of the brand including visual and non-visual elements like brand voice, core values, mission statement etc.

Elements of Visual Identity

What Is A Brand's Visual Identity And How Does It Impact The Brand

Visual Identity helps build trust in the brand. It is the brand’s visual form of communication that helps create meaning.

There are many elements that can be used to create a strong visual identity, which when used in tandem help create an emotional connect with the audience.

The logo, color palette, typography, imagery, photography, product packaging, physical store design, billboards, communication material like flyers and brochures, digital and print ads are all elements that help create an impactful visual identity.

How to create a strong visual identity for your brand

The first step here, is to define the core of your brand- brand identity that includes values, mission statement, voice and brand tone.

Next, figure out your audience. Know their preferences and tastes, so that your brand can resonate with them. Go on to create a compelling story that will eventually attract customers.

Zero on the mediums that one can use to showcase the brand’s visual identity and stay consistent with it.

Importance of a visual identity

1. Brand awareness

What Is A Brand's Visual Identity And How Does It Impact The Brand

A strong visual identity helps create brand awareness. People first see the brand image, when they hear or questioned about any brand. It is the customers’ first impression of your brand, that leaves a strong impression for future references.

For example, on a mention of iPhone, one is sure to first visualize its logo of a half-bitten apple.

2. Differentiation

What Is A Brand's Visual Identity And How Does It Impact The Brand

A powerful and unique visual identity helps in providing the extra edge while dealing with competition.

For examples, in the competitive Indian beverage market, Frooti is still nailing it, with its iconic and vibrant colur palette.

3. Consumer loyalty and relatability

What Is A Brand's Visual Identity And How Does It Impact The Brand

Customers tend to be loyal to brands they know off, rely on, and are in line with their values. A consistent and well-designed visual identity helps build relatability and ease of understanding. This facilitates recall.

Every element of the Indian brand PaperBoat’s visual identity highlights relatability. Their tagline- “Drinks and Memories”, their product packaging that has white colored bottles with vibrant colors and graphics along with their communication emphasizing on nostalgic moments that every Indian would relate to.

All in all, a strong visual identity goes a long way to attract customers and drive businesses forward.

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