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Wedding Palace Goes Viral For Offering 50% Off On 2nd Wedding

| Published on January 18, 2020

Weddings, nowadays, have become a super-expensive phenomenon. Desiring a sumptuous event, people tend to spend money on splendid arrangements. From buying heavy outfits to booking grand palaces, getting married is now more about loosening the pocket rather than connecting two souls.

A spicy report refers to a wedding hall situated in Pakistan that gives 75% discount offers if it’s your wedding number 3. Let’s highlight more on the topic.

Groom Gets Heavy Discount On Booking Hall On His 3rd Wedding!

This grand hall is located in Bahawalpur, Pakistan that gives deduction from the overall price to those men who are getting married for 2nd, 3rd or 4th time.

On the second wedding, the owner gives 50% off whereas on the third, it’s 75%. Furthermore, the 4th one is completely free! But the most interesting element in this whole situation is that the offer is only valid when the first wife comes and books it for the groom! HAHA!

The owner quotes, “We want to make relationships, not break them. People are coming to me to ask about the conditions of the offer.”

The whole scene got viral on Twitter and people made fun of it on length.

Now, it all emphasizes on the kind of ways one try to woo and convince their first wife to book a hall for them!

What is happening to this world?!

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