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Ways AI and ML Are All Set To Change The Face Of Future Of Marketing

| Published on July 16, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two technological advancements that companies cant stop raving about. From Google and Microsoft, to Apple, Samsung and Amazon are going big on AI. Apart from these AI is effectively used in Smartphones, smart speakers, voice assistants, apps, connected cars, security surveillance, healthcare and customer support.


According to a recent research by Gartner, 85 percent of client relationship with a business will be managed without human interaction by 2020.
In a conversation with BGR India, Olivier Klein, Head of Emerging Technologies, Asia-Pacific at Amazon Web Services, offered some insights on how the company and its clients are using AI and ML. He also mentioned that Amazon has been doing machine learning for the past 20 years, and now, the company has made it available for end users through the platform. We spoke about how AI is evolving to be the core, and at the forefront of improving customer experience, and Olivier offers a number of examples to help understand the benefits.



Chatbots are quickly replacing the need to customer care support and talking to a human on the other side. E-commerce websites are especially using this technology to reduce turn around time and increase customer satisfaction. Rather than those long waits on phone calls for a customer support executive, you instantly get a chatbot, choose your query, and because most of the things are fed in system, you get your issues resolved almost instantly.

Facial analysis – The future of travel


We already see the use of facial analysis in our smartphones with Face Unlock Feature and going forward, it may be a possibility, wherein our face analysis could be used for traveling without a ticket or boarding pass and can offer a seamless travel procedure.

Generating recommendations with computer vision

Have you ever noticed getting recommendations on your Netflix or Amazon account, or seeing facebook recommendations for the same dress that you searched on google. Well, this is a called a machine learning model which understands and records your likes and sends you recommendations accordingly. The Amazon AWS machine learning model runs facial recognition on top of the video to understand the actors in the video content that you are watching.

Automatic Due Date Reminders


Policy Bazaar is one of the leading companies that is already using this technology. Their automated due date reminders, call the customer, greet them with their name, read out the policy number and inform about the due date. Amazon Polly is one such service that allows companies to render a personalized and natural sounding voice response. And the beauty is the voice is more natural sounding than being robotic, offering a personalized experience.

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