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The Way Cadbury Uses Social Media For Marketing Will Make You Think They Are The Best Strategist

| Published on July 12, 2017

Well you must think why does Cadbury need any kind of campaigns? It doesn’t!! Like seriously? Well, they too have competitors in market and their strategists have not only relied on their long name and quality of products just but also time and again proved to be the best strategists by building new ideas and keeping audience involved!

With the advent of social media, strategists spent a lot of time using the social media platform to grab audience. Be it Facebook or Twitter they have grabbed the art of feeding just what the mass requires.
Cadbury too came up with superb ideas to make social platform a way to the minds and hearts of the people.

Let us have a look how they used them:

1. Facebook

First bang on idea was when they created separate Facebook pages for separate products. That’s quite smart as they say Multi product strategy!

They also have blogs but in the pages there is continuous amount of promotion along with different recipe ideas with the products. They also have regular interactions with customers by going Live to keep a track on what they think and implementing those ideas later.

For example : In Cadbury Dairy milk page they keep on engaging people by posting constant competitive events like describing the Dairy Milk in one word and so on. The winner receives a trip to the Cadbury factory, a year’s supply of Dairy Milk and the chance to be the first to taste new products. And at once people get super excited!

But they witnessed instead of having so many likes on page they lacked engagements so they came up with a video. Have a look:

33% of engagements increased and proved that they did social marketing best way!

2. Twitter

The Twitter account has more than 130,000 followers and also specific feeds for several products. They tweet for more than 15 times per day keeping people engaged and enthralled with new ideas!

They also retweet stuffs from people but doesn’t encourage any kind of customer care in the Tweets. The customer care service link is attached in bio specifically guiding people what to do and how to! They also make case studies for their products and conduct competitions to make their contests trend in Twitter.

The ‘Retweet for Sweets’ challenge associated with this saw engagement levels of 25%.

They also post for several offline competitions, like this one!

Still they need to increase their marketing strategies on Pinterest and Google+ as they seem to have quite a less engagement compared to Facebook and Twitter!

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