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Watch Out For The Top 10 Most Selling Soft Drink Brands In India 2017

| Published on August 25, 2017

Whenever we speak of top selling or rather popular soft drink brands of India, Pepsi and Coca Cola definitely comes to our mind. No doubt they contribute 60% of the fast growing soft drink Indian market.

Though the Indian market is dominated for several years by these two giants, other ‘lime and lemony’ brands are not left far behind. According to reports, Pepsi and Cola have 15% market share and brands like Sprite has almost 14% share which shows that the chart can topple around anytime.

According to market estimates, the industry makes a profit of Rs.60, 000 Crores every year (approximately). Unimaginable, right! But the profits might go further above in future. For the next 30 years, this industry will grow at a rate of 28 to 30 % annually.

With on coming of Narendra Modi’s ‘Make In India’ campaign, where he urged all the soft drink brands to include 2% fruit drinks in the aerated drinks might bring a lot of new products in the market sooner or later.

Here we list for you some top selling soft drinks of India in the year 2017.

1. Coca Cola

Did you know that actually, Coca Cola was made back in the 19th century as a patent medicine? Asa Griggs Candler’s marketing mind made this brand a huge success all over these years. Its name originates from its two major ingredients Kola Nuts and Coca Leaves but yet the formula remains a company secret. According to Interbrand study in 2015, Coca-Cola was the world’s third most valuable brand. Their Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero is currently launched in the market. Not only carbonated drinks but the company also has likes of mineral waters like Kinley. With the drink enjoyed across 200 countries, the brand is looking forward to lessening the sugar content in the drinks.

2. Pepsi

If you ask the question that which one is more popular Pepsi or Coca Cola, you might not get such a clear answer unless the market share values creep in! The numbers will guide you. Pepsi is reported to have a market share of 30.8% where Cola reaches to almost 40%. From Brad’s Drink to Pepsi Cola to finally Pepsi, the brand name might have changed but the taste remains almost same. Launched in the Indian market in 1990, Pepsi is enjoyed by millions nationwide.

3. Sprite

If market rumors are to be believed Sprite might soon take over the market. It is the largest carbonated drink in China. Found in 1999 in India, it is another product of the Coca Cola Company. Sprite overtook Pepsi in 2009 as the second most popular drink in terms of consumption. It became the top brand in 2013 when it surpassed Thums Up with 15.6 percent of the soft drink market share.

4. Thums Up

Many of you must not know this that Thums Up was actually launched in 1977 for withdrawal of Coca Cola from India but fates turned otherwise as it was later brought by Cola Cola Company to fight against their rivals Pepsi. Its fizzy and intense carbonated flavor is its striking feature. Thums Up always dominated the Indian market until 2013 when Sprite took over this giant. But still, it is considered as one of the most prominent brands among the younger generation of India.

5. Limca

If we for a moment look at the carbonated drinks that feature in Lime and Lemon segment, then definitely Limca wins it with its popularity and market shares. It was launched by Parle Agro in 1971 and was bought by Coca-Cola in 1993. Did you know Ramesh Chauhan of Parle went to Duke’s Lemonade to know their formula promising he won’t apply it but he was turned down? Later he came up with his own one and launched Limca!


6. Fanta

This orange colored soft drink is a huge hit in the market. It has more than 100 flavors existing worldwide. Did you know it was launched during World War II in Germany due to trade problems? Only ingredients available in Germany at the time including whey and apple pomace were used and something fantastic came up. Thus popped the name Fanta from the word ‘Fantasie’ in Germany. It entered the Indian market in 1993.

7. Maaza

The largest selling ‘bottled mango’ drink in India. This brand has its roots in India and is now traded in the Middle East, Europe and other parts of Asia too. Long back in 1993, it was acquired by Coca Cola. Mango drinks currently account for 90% of the fruit juice market in India. Unlike its other counterparts like Slice and Frooti, they contain Alphonso variety of mangoes in their drink. No doubt it stands apart from Slice and Frooti in terms of market shares.

8. 7 Up

Yet another lime and lemon flavored drink. The rights to the brand are held by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group in the United States, and PepsiCo in the rest of the world. Keeping in mind the Indian market, they have come up with flavors like Nimbooz. No doubt after Sprite, 7 Up is the most liked lemon fizzy drink nationwide.

9. Mirinda

Just to give a competition to Coca Cola’s Fanta, Pepsi Co’s Mirinda exists in the market but surely lags behind a bit in its popularity. But you must be surprised to know that it was originally created in Spain. With new flavors like Mirinda Orange Mango and Orange Masala, they look forward to uplift their market share in near future.

10. Mountain Dew

The original formula was invented in 1940 by Tennessee beverage bottlers Barney and Ally Hartman. Later it was acquired by Pepsi Co for further distributions. Though many flavors do exist its citrus lemony flavor is most popular. Caffeine-free mountain dew, mountain dew red, cherry mountain dew were recently introduced in the Indian market.

The per capita consumption of soft drinks in India is around 5 to 6 bottles. The volume of soft drinks consumed in India stood 11,755 million liters in 2013. It has shown 17% rise if 2008 numbers are considered. Market Analysts think that there should be a 19% rise by 2018.

So which one tops your favorite list?

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