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Watch Out How Bajaj Mocks Royal Enfield In Their New Dominar 400 Commercial, Calls Brand Elephant?

| Published on August 17, 2017

Rivalries among top brands are legit and quite common in the marketing world and when it’s about the two giants in the automobile market things get spiced up a bit for sure.

Exactly how many rivalries have you seen taking place? Starting from McDonald’s vs Burger King to BMW vs Audi but now make way for the new bees in the Indian market. For a long time, there has been a cold war that has started between Royal Enfield and Bajaj. The great war indeed!

Royal Enfield took it a bit far by their campaign last year on September which was named as BrotherHood Campaign and released on the Brotherhood day.

Bajaj uploaded a video that showed an Avenger 220 Cruise riding alongside a Royal Enfield Classic 350. Quite an unusual sight right? But yes that was the marketing strategy to show both the bikes taking it easy and riding alongside in a hilly rough terrain. But the video ended with a message ‘ From a brother to another’. Tricky!

Then in December the Dominar 400 was launched in order to give a competition to the king of the road, Royal Enfield. As the tagline says ‘The big bike that is big in number!’, the features prove so. Bajaj is generally known for launching low capacity motorcycles in the market for masses but a partnership with KTM motorcycles made them launch its first 400 cc product in India – the Dominar.

But the recent dig by direct advertising by Bajaj kept people surprised!

What Is The Video About?

The thumping noise at the start of the video is just iconic and you know it’s all about the Enfield! The video opens as a group of men in Dominar Bike are traveling up a hilly terrain and they cross paths with few of people on the back of Elephants. Not to mention that Royal Enfiled has already a huge customer base for longer drive prospect and Bajaj is still trying to find out ways to grab that market. But this mocking video where they must have compared the Enfield with the elephants is something unexpected.

The video comes up with a description – “Haathi Mat Palo! It’s time to start looking at a new way of long distance riding. Bajaj Dominar redefines long distance touring with modern motorcycling technology and performance. Go Hyperriding with the Dominar400.”

According to reports, there has been a minimum of 3000-35000 sales in the bike by Bajaj as it was launched in the market last year. But as months commenced there has been a sudden drop in sales reaching to almost 1000 in March this year. On the other hand, Royal Enfield sales have increased by 29% in India according to Financial Report of 2018.

So now we get the reason! Let’s see how Royal Enfield answers back!

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