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Top 5 Most Popular Made In India TV Brands To Buy From

| Published on July 30, 2021

In the mood to shop local? With #VocalforLocal trending in India since the global pandemic of 2020, Chinese brands are selling on the down low and new and great Indian brands are rising by the brand. In fact, when it comes to buying television sets, some of your popular brands are actually Indian!

They are available in various price ranges, colors, sizes and are a great buy for your home or office. Choose from these 5 ‘Made in India’ brands today,


While originally made in Japan, Panasonic enjoys a large share in the Indian market, dominating the electronics segment. The Indian segment also known as Panasonic PVC was established in 1996 where the new production unit made all its products ‘built-in India’ for the consumers here. The TV sets are priced around Rs. 15,000 or more depending on the sizes chosen.


Onida has been a household name in India. They started selling the CRT TVs back in the day which shot them to popularity. The company is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and its Full LED Smart IPS TV is priced at around Rs. 23,000.


Shinco was established by founder Arjun Bajaj in 2018 and has its headquarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The company manufactures LED TV sets primarily under the parent company Videotex International. Its 24 inch TV set ranges from Rs. 5,400 to Rs. 48,000 making it a standard purchase for the Indian household.

Super Plastronics

Did you know that Super Plastronics is a 30-year old brand in India? Its brand license recently shifted to Kodak India and Thomson TV. The company has been able to launch Android-TVs recently and has 43 inches, 55 inches and 65 inches LED sets available for purchase.

T-Series Electronics

Gulshan Kumar’s music label established in 1983 has recently also started developing TV sets. They start from a price range of Rs. 12,000 and features to run OTT content on Netflix, Prime Video, and Hotstar.

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