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Volkswagen Launches An Innovative Campaign To Tackle Road Safety Issues In South Africa

| Published on May 20, 2023

South Africa records one of the highest numbers of road accidents and casualties globally. According to their local government, 40 people lose their lives everyday due to road-related accidents or crashes, taking the toll to a whopping 14000 every year.

With such a staggering number of human lives at stake, this issue needs immediate attention, through implementation of road safety measures and its awareness.

Auto giant Volkswagen has come forward with an innovative campaign that brings to the fore its commitment towards ensuring road safety.

The Campaign

In celebration of Motorcycle Awareness Month, Volkswagen has launched a campaign that uses contemporary paint technology that highlights the functionality of Blind Spot Monitoring, a unique feature that sees what you don’t.

Objects in a drivers’ blind spot is one of the biggest reasons, contributing to road accidents. To win over this problem, Volkswagen’s newly launched IQ.Drive Blind Spot Monitoring has been installed.

It is a high-tech radar system that scans the side and rear of vehicles and alerts drivers to potential hazards, otherwise difficult to catch the attention of the driver’s eye, through a lighting display on the side mirror.

The automaker has created a series of “invisible” life-size installations that are showcased in selected Volkswagen Dealers and public locations. These installations are made using a special paint called ‘Black 3.0’, that absorbs light and removes all definition.

At the first glance, the objects inside each installation, are “invisible”, but when onlookers scan the installation using an Augmented Reality (AR) filter the actual object in front of them is revealed.

This highlights not only the dangers of the blind spot but the benefits of Volkswagen’s Blind Spot Monitoring system, together with other IQ.Drive features.

“As leaders in the automotive industry, we cannot simply ignore the dangers on our roads in this country. As the People’s Car and with safety as one of our core DNA principles, we are committed to ensuring not only safer roads for our drivers, but for all, no matter their mode of transport,” said Bridget Harpur, Head of Marketing for Volkswagen Passenger Cars Brand.

The ‘Blind Spot’ campaign is the first in the series of the automaker’s safety initiatives committed to addressing road safety issues and raising awareness in South Africa, using technology to assist drivers.

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