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Voice Artists Who Made Memorable Shows Like Ramayana, Bigg Boss Popular

| Published on April 20, 2020

The latest season of Bigg Boss was a big hit as per the show’s ratings. BB13 was celebrated by the makers all over social media and hailed as the most-viewed season of them all and off television all over. But that crown was soon handed over to an all-time classic Ramayana soon after it got telecasted on Doordarshan during the COVID19 lockdown.

Apart from Ramayana, Mahabharata has also been an all-time favorite of the nation.

But there is one thing that can be seen in common with the Bigg Boss & Mahabharata (Apart from all the fights of course). They both are dominated by a strong commanding voice by an unseen artist. The voice in both the shows, ‘Bigg Boss’ in the BB series & ‘Samay’ in Mahabharata, have played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the respective shows.e.

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Atul Kapoor has achieved great success in his career by becoming the voice of Bigg Boss ever since the show commenced in 2002. Similarly, during the 90s, Harish Bhimani dominated the television industry. In the manner Harish Bhimani used to explain the entire story at the beginning of Mahabharata and in the background of the show still has no match.

Currently, Atul Kapoor has an abundance of work. He gives his voice to many aids, programs, films. Kapoor’s character in the show commands a lot of respect from the contestants as well as the viewers. Apart from being a voice-over artist, Harish Bhimani is also a writer, anchor, and filmmaker.

I add value to the script: voice-over artiste Bhimani - OrissaPOST

The story behind Harish Bhimani‘s casting is interesting as well. In an interview, Harish had shared that one day he got a call from Gufi Paintal (the show’s casting director) and asked him to come to BR’s main studio to record something. They handed him a paper from which he was asked to read but the casting team found his reading similar to that of a documentary. They sent him home and said they would call and let him know.

After a couple of days, he was called in again and was explained that he has to give the voice for ‘Samay”. The moment he said the famous line ‘Main Samay Hoon’, everyone was sure that this is the voice that would stay with the audience for a long long time.

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