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Vlogger Vishal Sharma Surprises Omelette Wale Uncle With A Sweet Gesture

| Published on November 24, 2020

While Baba ka Dhaba might have taken the wrong turn with false accusations by either party, there are still so many roadside vendors who are actually struggling to make ends meet. They have big hearts and are doing all they can to make their lives easy. One such omelette wale uncle is popular for the breakfast he makes around Faridabad. With delectable options like boiled eggs, sunny sides up and masala omelettes, he is popular in the commercial areas and caught the attention of vlogger Vishal Sharma or as he goes by his Instagram handle, foodyvishal.

Vishal decided to give this omellete seller a special Diwali gift this season. He took to Instagram to share a video on the same.

The 80-year-old omellete seller was not expecting this gift at all! His old cart had been used for quite some time and was in a very bad shape. To make him feel comfortable and facilitate his earnings, Vishal decided to gift him a new cart for his business. At a time when people are struggling to make ends meet, this small gesture by Vishal really urges us to do much more for small business owners around the vicinity. His generosity was applauded by people on his Instagram channel.

How many local sellers can you help with a small gesture? Share your views with us in the comments.

Source: The Qunt

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