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vivo Takes Smartphone Lovers On A Creative Ride By Leveraging CGI For vivo V30e

| Published on May 29, 2024

vivo Takes Smartphone Lovers On A Creative Ride By Leveraging CGI For The V30e

Leading smartphone brand vivo has made its mark in the Indian market with its quality products. Recently, the brand leveraged CGI technology to promote the launch of vivo V30e, making it the topic of talk among smartphone enthusiasts for its elegant design and exceptional photography capabilities. The video creatively showcases the attractive sleek design and the exciting camera features of the phone.

vivo V30e comes with an Ultra slim 3D curved display along with back panel with textured ribbon design, a gem-cut camera module, and Studio Quality Aura light that enhances every shot and allows users to click photos even under low lighting conditions.

All these features have been smartly integrated into the CGI video in an eye-catching manner.

Not just this, the CGI video got the attention of many popular influencers, and they amplified the launch campaign by flaunting the premium looks, making online users aware about how this phone stands out among all the recent launches.

Since the reveal, the vivo V30e has been creating a whole lot of buzz across all social media platforms.

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