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Vitabiotics’ VP, Philanthropist Rohit Shelatkar Shares His Thoughts On HealthCare Industry In India

| Published on February 3, 2019

Nutrients form a very integral part of our diet and the market for Vitamins is a very big world over. Vitabiotics is one such healthcare expert that has been providing innovative products based on nutrient technology. Rohit is the VP of Vitabiotics and a health expert who has been spearheading the firm and maneuvering it towards greater success. He has led the company to be no 1-vitamin company in the UK and fastest growing in the world. Let us understand from the man, how has been his journey to make a positive and healthy lifestyle change in people.

Being a Healthcare expert and the VP of Vitabiotics Ltd., Can you tell us how Vitabiotics is different from other players in the market?

Vitabiotics is UK’s no 1 and fastest growing vitamin company, having a unique portfolio of products at the forefront of scientific developments in key sectors, including nutrition and women’s health, based on clinical research.  For the past 46 years, Vitabiotics has been providing the market with innovative and effective products based on sophisticated nutrient technology. There are many reasons as to why we are different from other players in the market.

Firstly, Vitabiotics partners with various leading universities around the world for its nutritional research and also actively works with many worldwide charities.  Secondly, we are the only vitamin company with formulations supported by solid clinical trials.  Vitabiotics is also the only vitamin company in the world that has won the prestigious Queen’s Award four times,  one of which was for innovation in vitamin research for our successful Pregnacare clinical research, a product that covers around 85% of the UK’s pregnancy market.
Vitabiotics' VP, Philanthropist Rohit Shelatkar Shares His Thoughts On HealthCare Industry In India

How instrumental Vitabiotics has been in bringing about a healthy lifestyle change to its customers?

Vitabiotics is a pioneer of nutrition research as we have always brought new concepts to the market and will continue to do so.  The continuous promotion of our products via doctors, pharmacists, health professionals as well as print media, digital marketing and the internet has been instrumental in promoting the concept of using a multivitamin as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

You have been involved in several Philanthropic activities, what encourages you to do that?

I founded the Grand Maratha foundation in 2013 to support the farmer widows and Vidharbha region in my home state of Maharashtra. Philanthropy comes to me basically from patriotism towards my country and my state. Farmer’s crisis in Maharashtra and in the rest of India is a major concern with more than 46 million farming households under loans in the whole of India. Maharashtra is one of 5 states with highest farming loans and highest farmer suicides. It is such a shame that in a growing and strong economy like India we cannot look after those who feed us, our farmers.  My foundation not only aims towards looking after the widows by providing them alternative employment and helping save their lands but also provide education to the kids from debt affected families. Our aim is to put an end to the farmer suicides as we believe there is nothing more important than saving a life.

Tell us about your future plans with your Bollywood film distribution company- Grand Showbiz Media & Entertainment and Bollywood production company – Vision World Films?

Grand Showbiz started in 2016 and we have distributed over 25 films in 2 years.  We are proud to have been associated with films such as Pink, Rustom, and Udta Panjab.  Our main aim has been to take meaningful cinema from India across to the overseas market and we plan to continue to do so, along with my new film production venture, Vision World.  Panipat is the first film to be produced by Vision World and the story is very close to my heart.  It is an unparalleled story of bravery and valor, which has to be told.
Vitabiotics' VP, Philanthropist Rohit Shelatkar Shares His Thoughts On HealthCare Industry In India

After achieving such great heights at a very young age, what suggestions would you like to give to the youth of our country?

Nothing is impossible. There is an enormous amount of strength inside each of us and we can only realize it when we put ourselves against the greatest resistances and our biggest fears. Honesty, intelligence and dedication go hand in hand and you need all three to achieve something great. It is important to think big, think for the well-being of others whilst looking after your own wellbeing and love what you do. Explore, learn, keep growing and keep evolving. Enlighten yourself and inspire others.

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