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Visa Rebrands Itself In Preparation For Onset Of Cashless Society

| Published on July 25, 2021

With the future of a digital economy looming over our heads, Visa has taken it in much stride by launching a campaign which is executed by Wieden+Kennedy.

‘Meet Visa’, a network working for everyone is introduced by a short film launched by Malik Hassan Sayeed. The company aims to show that Visa is opening access to the cashless society to “everyone, everywhere” by using their “democratic strapline”. The video showcases how Visa helps businesses and merchants globally.

The new logo is developed with the brand design firm Mucho and will be phased into over 200 individual markets as the year progresses.

“People think they ‘know’ Visa. Consumers and businesses trust the power of those four letters and see it when they open their wallet, pay a vendor, walk into a store or check out online. What they don’t see is how those four letters operate the most dynamic network of people, partnerships and products,” said Lynne Biggar, executive vice-president and global chief marketing officer at Visa.

Since the time the company came into being, Visa has grown beyond just credit and debit card payments. The brand connects 3.6bn credentials and operates with tens and thousands of partners.

The brand is now incorporating and embracing a cashless society and highlights the role that it plays in ensuring that the brand offers more than just a seamless process of debit and credit card payments.

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