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Virat Kohli’s Latest Selfie Is A ‘Dream Come True’ For Netflix India

| Published on November 18, 2020

Netflix is super happy as Netflix shares image binge-watching on the OTT platform.

The Indian cricket team is currently in Australia for the upcoming bilateral series which are to begin on 27 November 2020. The team has been staying in a 14 days quarantine before the match begins. This induced quarantine has left the internet entertained when Virat Kohli shared a simple selfie.

While trying to chill during the quarantine days, Virat Kohli shared a selfie on Twitter where he could be seen in an unironed shirt just sitting and watching something on his laptop. He tweeted, “Quarantine diaries. Un-ironed T-shirt, comfortable couch and a good series to watch.


Virat’s picture went viral with 110k likes so far and pretty much everyone had seen him chilling with his laptop without giving it too much thought. However, there was someone who took a close look at the picture and could not control their excitement.

Netflix India, like a true fan, retweeted the picture when they noticed something special. Netflix India was quick to notice that Virat Kohli was chilling while watching Netflix and shared their excitement with the world. They tweeted, “That’s us on the computer screen! Our dream of getting a picture with Virat Kohli has finally come true.”

People joined in their happiness and commented with congratulatory tweets. While some people did congratulate the OTT platform, others were quick to joke about what had happened.

Since Netflix India expressed their excitement for their selfie with Virat, the tweet has since gone viral and has already been liked by 9.3k people with 778 retweets. Whether this was a paid promotion or not is still not clear but it does look like a genuine quarantine selfie by the looks of it.

What’s has been your favorite web series that you enjoyed watching in the lockdown?

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