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Fans Are Angry With Virat Kohli For Posting Promotional Tweet

| Published on February 17, 2019

This Valentine’s day, the colour of love was replaced by the colour of blood as a dreadful attack in Jammu and Kashmir occurred, that was enforced by the terrorists. This attack came to be known as the Pulwama attack wherein over 40 CRPF jawans were murdered in the fight for terrorism. A number of them were even injured. It has shaken every Indian by their thighs and we are shocked at what has led to this.

Pulwama attack makes the nation mourn

While the nation grieved over the loss of so many lives lost in Jammu and Kashmir, many celebrities came forth to criticise the futility of such an attack and mourned the loss of these innocent lives.

Amidst a series of cricketers, Gautam Gambhir, Mohammad Kaif and Virendra Sehwag took active participation in condemning this attack and consoling the nation through their tweets. While the nation was petrified and fearful at this point, Virat Kohli only added to the disappointment further enhancing the rage.

Virat Kohli gets trolled for his ‘ill-timed’ promotional post

Instead of displaying his grievance against the loss, Virat made a very ‘ill-timed’ tweet containing a promotional post about the Indian Sports Honours. Here’s taking you into what created chaos leaving Kohli with no choice but to feel extremely embarrassed

Virat later deleted the tweet and posted a message expressing grief and offering condolences to the martyred soldiers.

Even fans of Virat have failed to support Virat’s probably unintentional post on Twitter. Have a look at what they have had to say to him.


Perhaps Kohli soon realized the need for a consoling post which is why he made another tweet stating his grievances and condolences for the innocent lives lost. Take a look!

It can be clearly seen that Virat did this before the attacks and people are still trolling him. Social media has become a place where people are just trying to mock each other and gain attention.

Pulwama attack was not something we expected at such a usual point. We hope that this loss suffered by our entire natin is restored with peace and harmony and that the bridge of enmity between Pakistan and India gets resolved asap!o

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