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Viral Sensation: UK Bakery Presents Hilarious Results With Free Bagel Chips For ‘Silly’ Dance

| Published on May 22, 2023

A bagel shop in Radlett has taken the internet by storm by providing free bagel chips to customers who amaze the owner with their dance moves upon entering the shop. This unique offer has gone viral, attracting attention and excitement from people far and wide. Customers are now showcasing their impressive dancing skills for a chance to enjoy the delicious complimentary bagel chips.

This heartwarming gesture aims to create a joyful atmosphere and spread positive vibes to all visitors.

The video, posted on the Instagram account of bagels + schmear over the weekend, captures a staff member affixing a note to the store’s glass door.

The message on the note states: “Do a silly dance walking in If we like it-free bagel chips on us!”

A video captures a woman and a man entering the shop, with the woman attempting a playful dance.

One individual expressed their admiration for the dancing, leaving a comment on Instagram and said, “Amazing!!! Doing this at the bakery when we open & giving u credit cus this is so cute and genius.”

Another Instagram user shared their thoughts by stating: “This is just the cutest ❤️ thanks for giving us such amazing content and making us feel human again.”

The concept seemed to have sparked inspiration in another user, who expressed their intention to incorporate a similar idea into their own bakery. They mentioned:“Amazing. Doing this at the bakery when we open & giving you credit because this is so cute and genius.”

The post has gained viral traction, accumulating 41,000 views, and the bakery expressed: “Thanks for all the lols at the weekend. We bloody love you love.”

Francesca Goldhill, the owner of the Hertfordshire bakery and a former pupil of JFS, shared with the JC last year that she embarked on the business journey with the aim of recreating her beloved New York snack.

As stated on the bakery’s website, Francesca, driven by her longing for an authentic bagel experience during the lockdown, felt inspired to establish the shop. Having lived in New York and developed a fondness for bagels, she initially pursued it as a side venture. However, fueled by her growing passion, she made the courageous choice to leave her corporate job and fully commit to launching Bagels + Schmear.

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