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Vineeta Singh Pitches Her Startup Sugar On Shark Tank India, Recieves Deals

| Published on March 17, 2023

Vineeta Singh and Kaushik Mukherjee become pitchers in the Shark Tank India Season 2 finale and get a 5 crore contract.

Shark Tank India’s second season has ended. True, the well-known reality program where company owners from various fields pitch their concepts to sharks and ask for investments had its conclusion on March 20. Peyush Bansal, Vineeta Singh, Namita Thapar, Amit Jain, Anupam Mittal and Aman Gupta were the members of the Sharks.

On the Season 2 finale of Shark Tank India, something remarkable happened. Vineeta Singh and Kaushik Mukherjee switched to pitching and introduced their company to the other Sharks. Also, they described their path in starting Sugar Cosmetics and growing it to higher heights. The business owners even secured a 5-crore dream contract from across all five Sharks.

As Kaushik entered the room, he invited Vineeta Singh, his business partner from 2016, to join him in presenting their brand to the sharks. For 2% equity, they requested an investment of Rs. 1 crore.

“Don’t expect any mercy”, Peyush said while Vineeta & Kaushik were promoting “Sugar Cosmetics” in the show.


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Yet another Shark Aman inquired about the name of the brand with the business owners. “Initially, we wanted to name it Kickass Cosmetics. However, we settled with Sugar,” they stated. Vineeta also offered Sharks her products.

Aman also inquired about the funding rounds. According to Vineeta, they only received one investment after that in 2013 because people worried that they may get into a commercial disagreement.

Anupam praised the duo for continuing with their business while making fun of Vineeta’s impending co-hosting of the Shark Tank India program.

Vineeta reached an agreement with 5 crores for 5% stake by all Sharks following the intense discussion about profit and loss.


1. Bollywood actress Parul Gulati introduced her line of hair extensions at the opening pitch. She admitted that her production company had declined to reimburse her for her extensions, which is how she got the idea. Parul stated that she focuses on her company as well as acting. She requested Rs 1 crore for 2% equity. As for the business portion, Peyush, Anupam, and Namita choose to abstain. Amit made an offer of Rs 1 crore for 2% shares since he was impressed. Vineeta and Aman put out a combined offer of Rs 1 crore for 3% stock. Parul chose the latter option.


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